Physical Science

R2 260.00

At Optimi College, we believe that it’s never too late to pursue the education you deserve. Our Amended Senior Certificate programme provides adults (21 years and older) with the opportunity to complete their Adult Matric and obtain a recognised qualification.

To complete your Adult Matric, you need to pass six subjects, two of which must be official languages.

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Subject code: S2191

Subject: Physical Science

Physical Science focuses on the scientific inquiry and problem solving of the construction and application of scientific and technological knowledge. By studying this subject, you will gain a better understanding of the nature of science and its relationship to technology, society and the environment.

Adult learners who are 21 years and older who have:

  • A General Education and Training Certificate (GETC): or
  • A Grade 9 school report (or the old standard seven), stating that they have passed Grade 9 or Standard 7; or
  • A recognised equivalent qualification obtained at NQF Level 1 which requires two official languages.
  • Adult learners who are 21 years and older with an incomplete Senior Certificate qualification.

Course type: Short course


Minimum credits: N/A

Quality council: Umalusi

Assessment information:

The Amended Senior Certificate Examinations take place in June/July every year. If you meet the qualifying criteria and wish to take the examinations and obtain your certificate, you must register for the examinations no later than January, to take the examinations in June/July.

Learners wishing to write these exams can register at any provincial education office, which includes the provincial head office, district offices and circuit offices.

To achieve an Amended Senior Certificate, you must meet the following requirements in the exams:

    • Pass three subjects at 40%, one of which must be an official language at Home Language level.
    • Pass two subjects at 30%, one of which must be an official language at First Additional or Home Language level.
    • Get a subminimum of 20% on the sixth subject.

Students who have previously passed their Senior Certificate subjects at Higher and Standard Grade levels, can receive credits for those subjects.

    • A Higher Grade pass is set at 40%.
    • A Standard Grade pass is set at 33.3%.


Exam details:

As a student, you are responsible to register for the Amended Senior Certificate examination. We will offer assistance and guidance if you require additional help to complete the process.

Exam registration is done online via the Department of Basic Education’s website or at the Department of Education Examination Centres (community centres/schools).

Exam registration fees are NOT included in the course price.

You may register for any number of subjects per exam sitting.

You can complete all your subjects in a single sitting or over a period.

The exams are set by the Department of Basic Education.

Exams are written only once a year.


Exam registration dates:

The Amended Senior Certificate Examinations take place in June/July every year. Please visit the Department of Basic Education website to view a list of district offices in your area.

    • Exam registration opens in October.
    • Exam registration closes in January.


Subject fee: R2 260.00

Deposit: R473.00

Monthly instalment: R178.70

Payment duration: 10 months

Study duration: 12 months