Certified Business Analysis Professional


This course is ideal for candidates that have experience in Business Analysis and are interested in becoming Certified Business Analysis Professionals (CBAP). This course allows you to showcase your skills and dedication to professional development.

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 Mode of delivery: Distance learning
Certified Business Analysis Professional


Subject breakdown
Business Analysis Overview
The BA Planning and Monitoring Knowledge Area
The BA Elicitation and Collaboration Knowledge Area
The Requirements Life Cycle Management Knowledge Area
The Strategy Analysis Knowledge Area
RADD Knowledge Area: Part 1
RADD Knowledge Area: Part 2
The Solution Evaluation Knowledge Area
Personal Skills for Effective Business Analysis
Business Analysis Professional Effectiveness Competencies
Perspectives for Effective Business Analysis
Business Analysis Analytical Techniques
Business Analysis Activities and Tools
Business Analysis Documentation and Criteria



Course starting dates: You can register and start studying this course at any time as registration is open all year round.

Admission requirements:

Grade 10 The ability to read and write in English Learners must be at least 16 years of age





 Course type: Industry Endorsed

  Industry Partner: ASQ Six Sigma

  Certification: Certificate confirming course completion

  Certification issued by: Optimi College




Assessment information

Online Assessments
External industry exam






Course fee: R3,3170.00

Course Deposit fee: R1,588.00

Monthly instalment option: R527.33

Payment duration: 3 Months

Study duration: 12 Months

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Certified Business Analysis Professional