Project Management Professional

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This course covers project management within a professional environment. It covers the phases of project management and how to manage each phase according to project goals. You will also learn how to motivate team members and deal effectively with any project-related issues that may arise.

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Project Management

Exploring Project Management, Then and Now
Building and Training the Project Team
Leading the Team
Engaging Team Members and Stakeholders
Supporting Agile Team Performance
Selecting a Project Management Approach
Communicating Effectively
Defining and Identifying Project Risk
Performing Risk Analysis
Managing Project Risks
Engaging Stakeholders
Planning and Managing the Project Budget
Managing the Project Resources
Planning the Project Schedule
Performing a Critical Path Analysis
Managing the Project Schedule
Establishing Quality Standards
Delivering Project Quality
Managing the Project Scope
Implementing a Procurement Strategy
Integrating Project Activities and Changes
Maintaining Project Artifacts and Knowledge
Understanding Agile Fundamentals
Communicating and Engaging Teams and Stakeholders
Prioritizing and Delivering Value
Estimating Agile Project Work
Deep Dive into the Project Scope
Deep Dive into the Project Schedule
Deep Dive into Project Costs and Estimates
Deep Dive into Project Quality
Deep Dive into Project Procurement
Deep Dive into Project Risk
Planning and Managing Project Compliance
Assessing the Business Environment and Changes
Delivering Project Benefits and Value
Test Prep: Project Management Professional (PMP) 2021 Update Aligned

National Senior Certificate

CAPM certification

60 months experience in leading projects

Course type: Short course

Certification: Certificate confirming course completion.

Certification issued by: Optimi College

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Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is PMP v7.

Note that the certification exams fees are not included in the course fee.

Course fee: R3 328.50

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