Automated Testing with Selenium

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This course provides candidates with the skills and knowledge required to perform Automated Testing with Selenium in the workplace.

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Course code: C01047



Track 1: Automated Testing

Selenium Deep Dive: Setting Up Selenium for Automated Testing
Selenium Deep Dive: Working with Selenium IDE
Selenium Deep Dive: Working With WebDriver
Selenium Deep Dive: Working with Selenium Grid & Patterns
Selenium Deep Dive: Component Testing with Selenium Framework
Selenium Deep Dive: Automating Browser Windows & Authentication Tests
Selenium Deep Dive: Managing Synchronization & Page Navigation
Selenium Deep Dive: Security Test Automation
Selenium Deep Dive: Managing Modern Application Components
Selenium Deep Dive: Managing Data Elements Using Python & Selenium
Selenium Deep Dive: Integrating TestNG & Selenium
Selenium Deep Dive: Applying BDD & TDD Using Selenium
Selenium Deep Dive: Test Enhancement Using BrowserStack
Selenium Deep Dive: Database & Log Management in Selenium Testing
Selenium Deep Dive: Use Cases for Web App Component Automated Testing
Selenium Deep Dive: Testing Single-page Applications

The ability to read and write in English.

Learners must be at least 16 years of age.

Expertise level: Intermediate

Course type: Short course

Certification: Certificate confirming course completion.

Certification issued by: Optimi College

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Course fee: R12 789.00

Deposit: R2 200.00

Monthly instalment: R882.42

Payment duration: 12 months

Study duration: You will have course access for 12 months. To complete the course, we recommend a total of 120 hours of study, e.g. study 1 hour per day and complete your course in 4 months.

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