Enterprise Development to DevOps Engineer

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This Skillsoft Aspire Journey is designed to take the candidate from Enterprise Development to DevOps Engineer. The course covers the following main milestones: Software Developer, DevOps Tools, Frameworks and Capabilities, DevOps Lead, and DevOps Architect.

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Course code: C01088



DevOps Engineer Track 1: Software Developer

DevOps Mindset: DevOps Principles & Implementation Approach
DevOps Mindset: DevOps Implementation Using Tools
The Language of DevOps: DevOps Principles & Practices
The Language of DevOps: DevOps Tools & Processes
DevOps Agile Development: Agile Processes for DevOps
DevOps Agile Development: DevOps Methodologies for Developers
DevOps Smart Failure: Fail Fast & DevOps
DevOps Collaboration Tools: Tools for Continuous Integration
DevOps Collaboration Tools: Tools for Continuous Delivery

DevOps Engineer Track 2: DevOps Tools, Frameworks, and Capabilities

DevOps Tools: Selecting the Right Tools
Using Git for DevOps: Using Git Effectively
Using Git for DevOps: Managing Conflict & Effectively Using Git Workflow
Using Docker for DevOps: Introduction to Docker
Using Docker for DevOps: Configuring Docker for Continuous Delivery
Ansible: Ansible for DevOps Provisioning
Ansible: Continuous Delivery and Monitoring Using Ansible Playbook and Tower
Chef for DevOps: Managing Infrastructure Using Chef
Chef for DevOps: Automate Infrastructure Using Chef Tools & Templates
Puppet for DevOps: Installing & Working with Puppet Components
Puppet for DevOps: Working with Puppet Bolt & Continuous Delivery for PE
Jenkins for DevOps: Jenkins Configuration for DevOps
Jenkins for DevOps: Automated Testing & Advanced Jobs Using Jenkins
SaltStack for DevOps: Working with SaltStack Components
SaltStack for DevOps: Configuration Management with SaltStack

DevOps Engineer Track 3: DevOps Lead

Best Practices for DevOps Implementation
DevOps Cloud Automation: AWS DevOps Tools
DevOps Cloud Automation: Advanced AWS Pipelines and DevOps Using Azure
DevOps Cloud Automation: DevOps with Google Cloud Platform
DevOps Automation: Configuration Management
DevOps Automation: Delivery Mechanisms
CI/CD Implementation for DevOps
DevOps with Docker: Container Management
DevOps with Docker: Implementing DevOps Using Docker
DevOps with Docker: Management in the Cloud
DevOps Continuous Testing: Testing Approaches
DevOps Continuous Testing: Testing Methodologies

DevOps Engineer Track 4: DevOps Architect

Scaling DevOps: Pipelines at Scale
Scaling DevOps: Infrastructure at Scale
Enterprise DevOps with Docker
DevOps Continuous Feedback: Implementing Continuous Feedback
DevOps Continuous Feedback: Loop Tools
DevOps Security Considerations: Securing DevOps Pipeline
DevOps Security Considerations: DevSecOps Principles

The ability to read and write in English.

Learners must be at least 16 years of age.

Expertise level: Intermediate

Course type: Short course

Certification: Certificate confirming course completion.

Certification issued by: Optimi College

Online assessments

Course fee: R12 789.00

Deposit: R2 200.00

Monthly instalment: R882.42

Payment duration: 12 months

Study duration: You will have course access for 12 months. To complete the course, we recommend a total of 120 hours of study, e.g. study 1 hour per day and complete your course in 4 months.

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