CCNA 200-301 Implementing and Administering Cisco Solutions

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This course offers a broad range of fundamental knowledge for entering the IT field. Candidates who study the Cisco Certified Networking Associate (CCNA): Implementing and Administering Cisco Solutions course will master both theoretical and practical (LABS) aspects in the preparation of the CCNA certification examination.

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CCNA 200-301 – Implementing and Administering Cisco Solutions

CCNA 2020: Networking Components
CCNA 2020: Networking Components – NGFW, NGIPS, & Cisco DNA Center
CCNA 2020: WLCs, Access Points, Servers, & Endpoints
CCNA 2020: Network Topology Architectures
CCNA 2020: Network Topology Architectures – WAN, Cloud, & SOHO
CCNA 2020: Layer 1 Interfaces & Cabling
CCNA 2020: Layer 1 Physical & Configuration Issues
CCNA 2020: Networking Protocols
CCNA 2020: IP Addressing Basics & Configuration
CCNA 2020: IPv4 Subnetting
CCNA 2020: IPv6 Addressing & Configuration
CCNA 2020: Virtualization Concepts
CCNA 2020: Network Access, VLAN Configuration, & Interswitch Connectivity
CCNA 2020: L2 Discovery Protocols & L2 and L3 EtherChannel Configuration
CCNA 2020: Spanning Tree Protocol
CCNA 2020: Cisco Wireless Architecture & WLAN Components
CCNA 2020: Cisco WLC Configuration & Wireless Management Access
CCNA 2020: Static Routing
CCNA 2020: Dynamic Routing
CCNA 2020: Configuring & Verifying NAT
CCNA 2020: SNMP, Syslog, & PHB for QoS
CCNA 2020: Configuring SSH, FTP, & TFTP
CCNA 2020: IT Security Concepts
CCNA 2020: Security Program & Password Policy Components
CCNA 2020: AAA Security & VPN Types
CCNA 2020: Configuring & Verifying ACLs
CCNA 2020: Configuring Port Security, DHCP Snooping, & DAI
CCNA 2020: Automation, Network Programmability, & SDN Architectures
CCNA 2020: APIs & Cisco DNA Center
CCNA 2020: Configuration Management & JSON Encoded Data

The ability to read and write in English.

Learners must be at least 16 years of age.

No formal prerequisites but one or more years of experience implementing and administering Cisco solutions is recommended.

Expertise level: Intermediate

Course type: Industry endorsed

Industry partner: Cisco

Certification: Certificate confirming course completion.

Certification issued by: Optimi College

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Exam information:

  • The CCNA 200-301 exam is a certification test for Cisco’s Associate-level networking credential, the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA).
  • Exam fees are not included in the course fee.

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