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CompTIA Security+ is the first security certification sought out by security professionals. This course establishes the core knowledge candidates need to thrive in a cybersecurity role, as well as preparing candidates to pass the Security+ exam.

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 Mode of delivery: Distance learning
CompTIA Security+ SY0-601 [S2268]

Subject breakdown
CompTIA Security+ SY0-601 [S2268]

SYO-601 CompTIA Security+: Social Engineering Techniques & Attack Types
SY0-601 CompTIA Security+: Analyzing Application & Network Attacks
SY0-601 CompTIA Security+: Threat Actors, Intelligence Sources, & Vulnerabilities
SYO-601 CompTIA Security+: Security Assessment & Penetration Testing Techniques
SY0-601 CompTIA Security+: Security Concepts in an Enterprise Environment
SYO-601 CompTIA Security+: Implementing Cybersecurity Resilience
SYO-601 CompTIA Security+: Virtualization, Cloud Computing, and Cloud Cybersecurity Solutions SYO-601 CompTIA Security+: Controls & Application Development, Deployment, & Automation
SY0-601 CompTIA Security+: Authentication & Authorization Design Concepts
SY0-601 CompTIA Security+: Implementing Identity and Account Management & AAA Solutions
SY0-601 CompTIA Security+: Physical Security Controls
SY0-601 CompTIA Security+: Basic Cryptography & Public Key Infrastructure
SY0-601 CompTIA Security+: Implementing Secure Protocols & Application Security Solutions
SY0-601 CompTIA Security+: Implementing Secure Network Designs
SYO-601 CompTIA Security+: Wireless, Mobile, & Embedded Device Security
SYO-601 CompTIA Security+: Organizational Security Assessment tools & Mitigation Controls
SYO-601 CompTIA Security+: Incident Response, Digital Forensics, & Supporting Investigations
SY0-601 CompTIA Security+: Security Policies, Regulations, Standards, & Frameworks
SYO-601 CompTIA Security+: Risk Management, Privacy, & Sensitive Data Security
SY0-601 CompTIA Security+: Monitoring, Visibility, & Reporting
TestPrep SY0-601 CompTIA Security+

Course starting dates: You can register and start studying this course at any time as registration is open all year round.

Admission requirements:

Grade 10

The ability to read and write in English

Learners must be at least 16 years of age




 Course type: Industry Endorsed

  Industry Partner: CompTIA

  Certification: Certificate confirming course completion

  Certification issued by: Optimi College



Assessment information

The CompTIA Security+ certification is a globally recognised credential that validates an individual’s knowledge and skills in IT security. The current version of the exam is SY0-601. CompTIA Security+ SY0-601

Exam information

Exam Name: CompTIA Security+ Certification Exam
Duration: 90 minutes
Number of Questions: Maximum of 90
Format: Multiple-choice and performance-based questions
Passing Score: 750 (on a scale of 100-900) (Confirmed 9th May 2023)
Topics Covered: Threats, attacks, and vulnerabilities; architecture and design; implementation; operations and incident response; and governance, risk, and compliance.






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Monthly instalment option: R460.00

Payment duration: 6 Months

Study duration: 6 Months

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CompTIA Security